Next Steps

The next steps to touching up the game would be to make a more refined Unity system that can not only due the random assignment for players but also somehow get them their assigned images more instantly. Furthermore, implementing an organizer for the game would be essential too. Sometimes people's cameras are mirrored and so others in the zoom chat might see a mirrored version of the gesture. This would create a lot of confusion so having a person organizing and correcting errors would improve the experience. Setting a time limit would also be beneficial as doing gestures for a prolonged time would be very tiring. It would also add pressure to the players who are competing with each other. The time counter can definitely be placed into the Unity system as well.

Furthermore, currently there are only 2 types of grid arrangements: 3 by 3 and 4 by 4. There can be more unique grid arrangements from ones with gaps between to perhaps longer grid structures such as 2 by 4. On top of this, sub game modes can also be created. One game mode that's been thought of currently is a maze game mode in which the gestures when grouped together create a maze and the players competing will basically have to in the end draw out the path that solves the maze in order to win. 

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