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A story about you as a Colossus and the surrounding lost soul. Explore, Collect, Shoot and finally defeat the dark side of yourself!


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ColosSoul Fixed Mac.app.zip 23 MB

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The mechanics in this game is well-planned... And they actually represents many cliche scenes in mass media arts! You did a very good job on simulating sympathy, parenthood and betrayals, but in a very vague way. It almost look like an indie developer is mocking a boring TV show with a much more abstract and neat simulation of it.

Everything from sound, art, UI design, and particle animations, and game mechanics are beautiful and well integrated in this game! Your stylistic choices such as adding motion blur really make this feel polished and well thought through. I think in terms of the assignment I would just focus a little more on how to really emphasize change in emotional states from level 1 to 2.